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1240+ Happy Clients

We served more than 1240 clients and counting..

Trusted end-to-end security

We have strong encrypted technology in place to ensure the security of your data

Awards winners

We have been recognized and have won 10+ awards for our services.

10+ Years of experience

We've been in the industry for 10+ years. 12540+ tasks completed



Our mission is to help you save money and time

I started this company about 10 years ago with one mission in mind - to give you the best people to take care of your business/schedules.

Being a business owner myself I know how hard it is to find the right people with the right attitude. We put in a great effort and gathered such people. Our VAs have been helping entrepreneurs & executives around the world with great success so far.

Steve J



Core services

Graphics Design

Premium help offers experienced graphic designers. Our designers have years of experience in designing different types of visuals like brochures, ads, etc. They have access to the best tools and technology and skills to use them right.

Web Design

Having designed more than 1000+ websites, our web designers can develop amazing websites for your brand. They not only develop websites but optimize them to have a lifetime of traffic.

Social Media VA

Our social media VA can handle multiple accounts at a time. Our VAs are experienced in managing various social media platforms. They engage with the customers and keep your social media profile optimized.


Premiumhelp has one of the highest number of professional audio/video file transcribers, guaranteeing transcripts are 99% accurate. Our transcription service can make your audio & video content more searchable and scannable.


Flexibility is all we do. We are online and available 24/7, which means we can always adapt to our clients' needs, no matter how urgent. For those looking to take their business internationally and get ahead, we offer high-quality human translations.

Subtitles and Closed Captioning

95% of people watch videos with the sound off. PremiumHelp's text captioning service helps you reach a wider audience and improve accessibility- everybody wins!

Data Entry

Data entry is a time-consuming operation. This is why Premium help offers the most dedicated data entry specialists. These specialists can take care of every data, be it real estate, healthcare, medical, etc. They ensure 100% accuracy in their work. So, you won’t have to cross-check it.

Customer Support

If you are worried about missing clients or customers. Then, you can hire virtual customer support from Premium help. Our customer support specialist can take calls from your customers and answer inquiries. They can also take calls from your clients. Our specialists can also resolve issues via chat and email.

Content Writing

Our content writers can develop content that is engaging and capture the attention of the audience. Our content writers have years of experience. And they can optimize the content with the best keywords to drive better results.

Real Estate VA

The real estate industry requires attention and has a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be completed. Our VAs can take care of your operations. They can help you with paperwork, and also follow up on clients to drive results.

Digital Marketing

To generate more traffic and help your website rank higher. Our digital marketing experts can use their skills and best practices to generate traffic. Our digital marketing experts can take care of SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns, and various types of marketing.

Virtual Assistant

If you are in need of a personal assistant to manage your work and schedule. Then we provide you with the best virtual assistant. Our virtual assistant can manage your schedule and calendar. They can also manage your email, accounts, social media, etc.